Trans Rights Rally at Five Points


Resist Trump and stand up for trans rights! Please bring anti-Trump and trans rights protest signs. Some extra signs will be available for those who are unable to bring their own. Contact Nate Quinn if you requiure any accomodations, would like to speak, or if you have any questions. Speeches will be at the beggining of the rally to accomodate those who are unable to or choose not to participate in the marching portion of this event.

Since January 2016, the Nate's List campaign has been fighting for trans rights in Sarasota County. Despite a lack of interest or forward movement by the school board, this campaign has tirelessly protested, spoke, and rallied for progress. In the age of a Trump presidency, direct action must become the norm. We will fight for the rights of trans individuals and strive to value intersectionality of identities.

This is an anti-Trump event. Transphobic or trans-exlusionary language on signs will not be permitted.


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